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Breath safe, Clean air

Ninja Ion is the newest device that will help you fight and prevent yourself from viruses. It is a personal air purifier that leads the industry with its ability to release 200 million anions.

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James Deakin

Helps deactivate most
viruses and bacteria

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Aids in purifying air
around the wearer

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Battery (Up to 80 hrs)

Ultra Lightweight

Barely 35g
Releases 200 million anions
Helps Deactivate viruses and bacteria
Aids in purifying air
Helps Block common allergens and dust particles



Portable and Multi-purpose UV bulb
under the lid

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Dual Action antimicrobial feature combining
copper plating with nano silver protective

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Easy to use and clean
High-Performance Insulation (Cold 24 hours/Hot 12 hours)
Helps Eridicate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses within minutes

Breath safe, Clean air

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